The 01-M-044 is a multi functional ``C` clamp type and rated ASTM 5H. Light and compact with a range from 0.20 / #4 up to 2.5, this clamp is perfect for work on either distribution, transmission and substation. It can be installed on all conductors, apparatus, round bus bar and flat bus base as well as various equipment (trucks, pulling equipment, etc) listed in the range. 01-M-044 incorporates the standards that MPS champion in safety design:

  • Stress relief system to reduce cable damage and serves as shock damper if a fault occurs.
  • Lubrication chamber for the upkeep of threads.
  • Compact design for use in restrained areas.
  • 5/8-11 threaded interface are used for high quality electrical interface and mechanical strength.

Best of all, this clamp is part of the latest ASTM F-855-2009 standards and is rated at 5H.

MPS value the concept of the system all in one, clamps, ferrules and cable to promote the TGA to customers.

Contact your local MPS Sales Representative about the all of MPS grounding products that meet the new ASTM “H” ratings.


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