MPS Guy Attachments for your Construction Requirements

Guy Attachments for all Construction Requirements


Guy Hooks

MPS has the most comprehensive offering of guying attachments in the industry. The extensive variety of down guy attachments, guy hooks, pole eye plates and combination attachments are available in various styles, strengths and mounting bolt sizes.


Guy Hooks

They are supplied with either integral teeth / spurs on the back or with an additional lag screw hole for wood pole construction. The integral teeth/ spurs of the attachment, or the use of a lag screw, assist the attachment in resisting movement and elongation of the through-bolt hole. Several styles are also available without teeth for steel / concrete pole construction.

Guy hooks are supplied in hot dip galvanized ductile iron or high strength cast aluminum for corrosive environments. They are strength rated to match the MPS machine bolt for which they are designed to accommodate.


Pole Eye Plates

Need to deadend a thimble clevis or attach a fiberglass guy strain insulator? Our extensive family of pole eye plates, provide attachment points for deadend applications and fiberglass guy strain insulators.

Pole eye plates are strength rated to match the tensile strength of common fiberglass guy strain insulators.



Combination guy attachments provide a top guy hook to accommodate guy wire and a lower eye plate to accept fiberglass guy strain insulators.

Review our guy attachment catalog section for all your guy attachment needs.


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