MacLean Power Systems’ Guy Kits Provide Cost and Time Savings Benefits

MacLean Power Systems has pioneered another product innovation with the introduction of Guy Kits. With an emphasis on cost saving, MPS has engineered this product to greatly reduce the total installed cost associated with utility guying applications.

Depending on specific utility construction standards, MPS can provide a pre-assembled, pre-packaged guy kit that includes all of the hardware to make the pole attachment, guy strain insulators and either formed wire or Strandvise® automatic deadends that facilitates a cost effective installation.

Features and Benefits

  • Improve Crew Efficiency
    • No need to measure strand
    • No need to gather materials at job site
    • Partial assembly completed
    • Simplified restocking
  • Safety
    • No need to manipulate guy wire from large reels
    • Conveniently packaged for ease of transportation to site
    • Less guy strand cuts
  • Emergency Restoration Benefit
    • Faster installation
    • Simplifies efforts for outside crews
    • Dispense 5-10 guy kits to line trucks not complete coils of guy strand
    • Warehouse improvement by simplified restock after job completion


MacLean Power Systems Guy Kits is a value added product offered for the utility industry. This unique product will decrease total installed cost with increased efficiencies at installation and in the warehouse, increase safety and is ideal for emergency restoration.

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