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Product Spotlight: Toughened Glass Insulators

MacLean Power Systems offers advanced Modular Designed Toughened Glass that covers voltage classes from 15-1150kV applications.  Our premium glass insulators enable our customers to cover all their system voltages while taking up less inventory space than polymer insulators. The precise quality construction of our European sourced glass insulators offer many benefits and advantages.  Learn more …

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Product Spotlight: Safety & Grounding

MacLean Power design philosophy is to maximize the utility of our grounding clamps.  All MacLean Power ground clamps, including all universal clamps, were designed specifically to withstand asymmetric faults.  Each clamp is manufactured to the latest ASTM F855 standard and has been tested at independent laboratories per ASTM F855.  Universal design elements allow the clamp …

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TransArmour Oval Eye Bolt

TransArmour, TDG, and Galvanized Corrosion Resistant Hardware

MacLean Power offers two alternatives to stainless steel hardware.  The options provide hardware with improved corrosion resistance over hot dip galvanizing, but at a significantly lower cost than stainless steel. The protection methods available from MacLean Power balance cost with corrosion resistance to maximize the application’s benefit versus cost. GOOD: Hot-Dip Galvanizing (HDG) BETTER: Greenkote® Thermal …

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MacLean & XPO Logistics Service

MacLean Power Systems is pleased to announce that XPO Logistics has been awarded the company’s Warehouse and Transportation Management Services contract. XPO was selected based on their ability to plan, coordinate and consolidate transportation, as well as provide efficient warehouse management and value-added services. In addition to meeting these parameters, XPO will bring its full …

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