MacLean – Dixie Repairs Foundation of Historic Landmark in Canada

In late June of 2006, MacLean – Dixie completed the foundation restoration of the Basin Head Fisheries Museum in Prince Edward Island, Canada. The Basin Head Fisheries Museum is home to one of the last surviving authentic lobster canneries in the Canadian providence and was designated as a Heritage Building in 2005 under the Heritage Places Protection Act.

Built in 1941, the Cannery Building is a one story wooden structure that was supported by timber pilings. During the “Boxing Day Storm” of 2004, the violent storm created massive waves which floated the cannery off its pilings and moved it several feet ashore. Because of the historical significance of the building, the Museum did not want to risk moving the building and risk more damage to the structure. MacLean – Dixie Helical Foundation Systems was chosen to install a new piling system from within the confines of the building, so it could stay in its current position.

This project was technically challenging because the soil conditions were not ideal for the technology. The building was located on dense glacial till and sandstone that conventional helical piles could not penetrate well. MacLean – Dixie custom designed specially modified helical piles, and after several different configurations and field tests, they successfully restored the Basin Head Fisheries Cannery Building, which is now open again as a popular tourist attraction.

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