MacLean Lightweight Silicone Station Posts

MacLean Power Systems (MPS) offers a complete line of lightweight silicone rubber station posts for use on switches and bus supports. These station posts, designed to porcelain dimensions, have electrical properties that are equal to or better than porcelain station posts.

MPS station posts weigh approximately one third of their porcelain equivalents. For example, a standard MacLean 115kV silicone rubber station post, weighs 46 pounds compared to 150-200 pounds for a typical TR286 porcelain unit. This means instead of using expensive equipment to transport and install the station posts, these can be easily installed with only the use of hands and ladders. Installation labor time may be reduced by as much as two-thirds of normal. Because of the composite materials, shipping expenses can be reduced due to the lighter weight and the fact that they are shipped under a less expensive freight rate because breakage is virtually eliminated. Switches can also be delivered assembled without fear of breakage during shipment.

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