MacLean Power Systems Offers More NCI Distribution Deadends Than Any Other Insulator Manufacturer

MacLean Power Systems introduces a new DS-M product to further broaden the MPS Distribution Deadend Insulator Product Line. The new DS-25M completes the DS-M Series, complimenting the already existing 15kV, 28kV, & 35kV deadends. The DS-M deadend series utilizes a conventional crimped end fitting concept, while the patented Fiberlink™ deadend series is designed with a fiberglass wound core that eliminates conventional end fittings.

The new deadends will have the same proven attributes of all DS-M deadends; including the MPS silicone rubber formulation with 20+ years field experience, ductile iron end fittings compressed to the core in a tightly controlled process that ensures predictable tensile strength, a multi-level sealing system, and a pultruded core of CR E-Glass. As with all MPS tension and suspension insulators for Transmission and Distribution applications, the FRP core rod is manufactured using Corrosion Resistant (Boron Free) E-Glass. The combination of the multi-level seal and CR E-glass eliminate the concern over stress corrosion (brittle fracture) failures.

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