MacLean Power’s new Permanent Insulator Markings

Maclean Power is constantly looking for ways to improve our products, service, and manufacturing processes - all while striving to be environmentally friendly in the safest possible workplace for our employees. Our latest improvement touches all of these points and, in addition, allows us to not only meet, but exceed the industry standard. What is this power-packed improvement? It’s our new laser etching process for our Polymer Insulators.

ANSI C29-11 Standard, regarding insulator markings, dictates that "each insulator shall be clearly and indelibly marked with the name or trademark of the manufacturer, the year of manufacture, the specified mechanical load and routine test load." This identifying information is used throughout the lifespan of the insulator, so it is important that the information be permanently marked, capable of withstanding the tests of time and the environment.

At the time of installation, the mechanical ratings and catalog are used to verify the correct materials are being used in the correct application. Over time, and in the event of a performance issue, the lot code number is critical to identify when the insulator was made and what raw materials were used in production. Maclean understands this critical element of insulator production and the importance of its longevity. Our new Laser Marking Process takes all of these stages into account. Available on all modular insulators this marking is faster, more legible and more accurate than previous methods. It is also repeatable, non-contact, aesthetic, high resolution, environmentally friendly, and permanent.


The MPS Laser Marking Process is fully automated, after the critical information is entered into the computer program, the machine laser etches the marking information onto the shed, quickly and accurately.

  • More advanced manufacturing process
  • Creates identical, repeatable markings free from operator error
  • No smeared or illegible markings
  • Cannot be rubbed off, truly permanent
  • Customizable upon request
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