MacLean Real-Time Design Re-Release Version 2019

MacLean Power Systems (MPS) and MacLean Civil Products (MCP) is excited to bring you the next evolution of helical piles online design recommendation tools. August 1st, 2019, MCP will release the civil foundation module for MacLean Real-Time Design (MRTD) which replaces our former helical pile software MacLean Design Recommendation Software (MDRS). This new online tool will offer the same industry leading recommendation package from MDRS along with a few changes.

Combo pile recommendations for pipe and round corner square pipe
Grouted pile recommendations for displaced grout shafts
Expanded High Capacity pile recommendations

MCP will provide online classes and tutorial videos for all interested parties. For access to this new and innovative online tool please e-mail us at:

Check out our real time design tool here:

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