MPS Launches Redesigned Screw Anchor

MacLean Power Systems has launched a new screw anchor for use in the utility market.
MacLean Power Systems has designed a (patent pending) 2-1/4” socket Turbo Drive™
cast steel hub to replace our current design.

"Power hub" screw anchors are installed with the hydraulic torque motor on line trucks that rotate the anchors into the ground. When rocks, gravel or very dense soils are present, it is necessary to break up the soil to permit the helix to advance. The new design uses a 4-flute drive end (similar to a Phillips head screwdriver) provides four (4) cutting edges to break up the tough soil and rocks so the helix can pass through. Trial tests with customers in New England confirmed the new design met the tough field installation requirements. The new one-piece internal cast steel hub demonstrated improved torque and resistance to bending in field-testing.

The Turbo Drive™ will be available in Light Duty (3/8” helix thickness) and Heavy Duty (1/2” helix thickness). Torque rating is 10,000 ft-lbs. The Turbo Drive™ designed to be used with standard 10,000 ft-lb installing tool (5-1/4” bolt circle tool) or 15,000 ft-lb high strength installing tool (7-5/8” bolt circle tool)

Watch our website catalog section for catalog numbers and additional information to be posted soon.

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