MPS Launches Transmission ExtensionLink Redesign

MacLean Power Systems has launched a redesigned extension link for transmission applications. The LOO series forged steel oval eye-oval eye hot link is an improvement over the previous design and can now be customized in any length from 15” to 200” in 1” increments. These extension links are domestically manufactured at the MPS Birmingham facility allowing for a shorter lead time.

The MPS LOO series extension links can be used as a replacement for steel straps in transmission applications. They are lighter in weight, and because the LOO series do not require a pair of anchor shackles, they are more cost effective than their steel strap counterparts. These extension links also install more quickly and are more readily available.

The MPS LOO series extension links are available in two strength ratings: the LOO-55 series are used in 30,000 and 60,000 lb applications and the LOO-77 are used in 80,000 lb applications. Both series have an oval eye-90° rotated oval eye option available [LOO-55R-XX or LOO-77R-XX respectively].

For more information, the LOO series extension links can be found in the Link section of our Pole Line Hardware catalog. Contact your local MPS Sales Representative for this and other innovative solutions in transmission design optimization.

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