New MPS Polymer Cutouts Interrupt All Faults

In July, MacLean Power Systems launched a new mold-on polymer fuse cutout design which provides full fault spectrum protection to overhead distribution systems rated 4.16kV through 25kV for use in the electric utility market.

The second generation polymer fuse cutout is a protective device for high voltage power lines which operates very similar to the screw-in type fuse that protects home circuits. When a short circuit occurs, the fuse element melts to interrupt the over current condition.

MacLean Power Systems’ second generation polymer fuse cutout is designed with a new fiberglass rod core, which allows for a more durable cutout with higher mechanical strength than its over-molded nylon glass filled core counterpart. This new design also now has an alternating shed profile giving the MPS second generation polymer fuse cutout higher leakage distance than the prior cutouts. Additionally, the new MPS polymer cutout also features crimped end fittings that allow for better alignment and stability.

Like MacLean Power Systems’ first generation polymer cutout, the newly redesigned polymer fuse cutouts’ mold-on housing is made with silicone rubber, making it approximately 1/3 of the weight of a porcelain cutout. And, like all polymer cutouts, it’s more durable and safer (due to no violent porcelain breakage) than their porcelain counterparts. The MPS polymer fuse cutout also employs single venting – down and away only – which is especially important where exhaust must be kept out of other phases in overbuilt circuits.

The MPS second generation polymer fuse cutout is produced domestically at MacLean Power Systems’ York, SC facility. For more information, contact your local MPS sales agent or visit the MPS website at


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