Automate Item Master Synchronization with MPS & IDEA IDW

MacLean Power Systems’ product information is now available through IDEA Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). By making MPS information available via the IDEA IDW, it provides customers and distributors a centralized location to electronically synchronize product information. It replaces cumbersome manual loading and cleaning of data. This will result in faster access to information, lowered cost of sales, improved accuracy and efficiency for partners and MPS.

Here are more of the ways you save with IDW:

  • Save the cost of purchasing and invoicing errors due to outdated information
  • Save manpower by eliminating labor-intensive processes
  • Save time in the sales cycle with fast, accurate data storage and retrieval
  • Save money with affordable implementation and start-up
  • Save your sanity by having one data synchronization platform for all product and pricing information

If you are interested in accessing MacLean Power System’s product through the IDEA IDW, please contact MacLean Power Systems at or IDEA IDW at

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