Lightweight Silicone Rubber Cap and Pin Post Type Insulators

MacLean Power offers a line of lightweight silicone rubber insulators to replace many of the old style cap and pin ceramic insulators. These silicone rubber station posts, designed to porcelain dimensions, have electrical properties that are equal to or better than porcelain cap and pin station posts plus they weigh much less.

Many of the substations built forty or more years ago used the cap and pin style porcelian station posts aas standard construction for bus supports and switch insulators.Over time, many of these units have begun to deteriorate due to cememt erosion and other factors. In some cases, dangerous situations have occured with an operator opening a hookstick operated switch and having the ceramic cap and pin insulator come apart, leaving the operator holding the energized switch parts on the end of his hookstick. MacLean’s silcone rubber cap and pin station posts solve this safety issue.

MacLean currently offers a line of many of the popular cap and pin style station posts with porcelain cap and pin mounting dimensions so that bus or switch parts do not need to be raised or adjusted. Since the station post insulators are made using silicone rubber, breakage is eliminated, weight is reduced during shipment and installation, plus the insulators offer significant benefits for contaminated or seismic areas.

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