MacLean Power Systems and MacLean-Dixie Offer a Complete Line of Anchors to the Utility Industry

The combination of MacLean Power Systems and MacLean-Dixie operations provide the utility industry with anchors and anchor accessories for all installation requirements. The extensive anchor product line includes a variety of anchors from light duty applications to high capacity transmission anchor systems to anchoring in solid rock.

The comprehensive anchor product line includes:

  • Socket drive, internal hub anchors for high installation torque applications.
  • Multi-helix power shaft anchors, extensions and guy adapters for transmission construction and anchoring to increased depths.
  • Tubular foundation anchors for mounting street light poles, equipment pads, bumper posts and signposts.
  • Single and double helix, power hub anchors, rods and eyenuts for distribution construction.
  • Rock anchors for solid rock applications.
  • No wrench anchors consisting of a forged rod with welded helix for light duty anchoring.
  • Traditional expanding and cross plate anchors and forged eye threaded rods.
  • Anchor tools for power installation of screw anchors.

Contact MacLean Power Systems for your complete anchoring requirements.

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