MPS Introduces New Heavy Tangent Fiberglass Crossarm

MacLean Power Systems, a leading manufacturer of Transmission & Distribution materials to the electric utility industry, is pleased to announce a product line improvement to our family of Fiberglass Crossarms. The new offering is a Heavy Tangent Crossarm designed to handle heavier conductor loads, longer span lengths, and transmission under builds.

The new Heavy Tangent is based on a REA specified cross sectional size of 3.5” x 4.5” +/- 1/8”, which will allow for greater compatibility with standard pole line hardware, especially saddle pins. Loading capability is 6000 lbs ultimate per side on 8-foot arms.

The MPS Fiberglass Crossarm family of products continues to offer cost savings and installation efficiencies to utilities nationwide. Fiberglass crossarms have shown to benefit utilities in compliance to Raptor Protection laws, prevention of infrastructure damage by termites and woodpeckers, elimination of disposal concerns with treated lumber, and overall system installation improvement. In addition, fiberglass crossarms are lighter in weight, which results in improved lineman efficiency and the reduction of work related injuries.

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