MPS Launches MacLean Distribution Center

MacLean Power Systems (MPS) is pleased to announce the launching of the MacLean Distribution Center (MDC) on August 1st. The leadership of MPS is committed to the success of this project. As a result, the MDC implementation team has been given full authority to engage whatever resources that are required to be successful. This commitment is based in the belief that a centralized distribution center is the platform to provide you the right product, at the right time, in the right place.

In February 2011, Bryan Franks joined MPS as Director of Logistics bringing significant logistics expertise to the MPS team. Bryan came to us from Stanley Black & Decker, where he was Director of Distribution Operations and responsible for two multi-shift logistical operation centers that supported $500MM in sales. Since joining MPS, Bryan has led the cross-functional team that has planned and will be responsible for execution of our MDC launch.

Our pre-launch plan included a review of our packaging and labeling, a reconfiguration of our order management process, slotting the MDC for efficient flow and a complete review of our carrier base. The implementation plan includes a significant stock build, extensive testing and communicating with distributors and customers on how we will phase in the MDC.

The launch will occur in multiple phases. Each phase is designed to add more capability to the MDC. In this controlled approach we will only more to the next phase when the current phase is working as planned. Phase I begins August 1st and is limited to approximately 100 items with 6 weeks of inventory for each item.

The MDC has been designed to meet your needs based on extensive voice of the customer input. To enable you to continue providing us with this input, MPS will have multiple communication channels established to gather your feedback:

Contact your local MPS sales representative.
Contact the MDC Launch Line at (855) MPS-SHIP [(855) 677-7447]. Service representatives will be available to take your feedback and assist you with any logistics related issues.
A logistical users list with the names of customers and distributors who work in receiving our freight has been created. This list will be used to request feedback on how we are doing and for improvement suggestions. If you would like your name added to the logistical users list, please email your contact information to Leslyn Fisher at
An MDC Feedback Survey has been launch. Those who respond via the online survey will be entered in a drawing for an Apple 32GB iPad 2. Each entrant is eligible for the drawing for each feedback response they provide, limited to one response per shipment. The winner will be announced in mid-November. The survey can be found at:

Launching the MDC is an exciting time for MacLean Power Systems. We will continue to communicate with you throughout the process.

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