Adjustable Guy Hardware for Anchors

MacLean Power Systems offers a user friendly solution to install Adjustable Guy Hardware system for transmission towers.



Adjustable guy hardware for transmission towers used with 1-1/2", 1-3/4" and 2" RCS (Round Corner Square) screw anchors for terminating 5/8" or larger diameter guys.


The adjustable hardware comes preassembled. The bottom end is connected with a shackle directly to the RCS guy anchor extension. A come-a-long is conveniently attached to the lifting eye and to the guy wire and the guy tensioned to remove the slack. A preformed helical wire wrap is inserted through the eye on the top end and assembled onto the guy wire.


Refer to our Utility Anchors Catalog for additional information or contact one of our local MacLean Power Distributor that can be located on the homepage of this website.

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