Suspension, Formula Type

Designed to provide adequate and scientific support to all types of conductor. Especially for ACSS conductor with armor rod.

Additional length and weight allow the formula clamp to support and dissipate heat around 93°C at 250°C operating temperature without reducing its mechanical strength. Line guard can be used if the operating temperature is not exceeding 200°.

Features: Formula suspension clamps are corona free design.


Body and Keeper: Aluminum Alloy

Hardware: Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized

Cotter Keys: Stainless Steel


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Group 1 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number A B C D E Angle Degrees Min. Ult. Pounds
ACFS-214-20-20 20.00 3.25 2.50 2.04-2.14 5/8 20 20000
ACFS-244-20-20 20.00 3.25 2.88 2.28-2.44 5/8 17 20000
ACFS-175-20-20 20.00 3.25 2.38 1.63-1.75 5/8 20 20000
ACFS-186-20-20 20.00 3.25 2.50 1.76-1.86 5/8 20 20000

1)  Above formula clamps are designed based on NSC heavy loading with 40% of conductor
     rated strength. To find out if the above clamp meets your application specification, a design
     data sheet is required.
2)  For turns, please provide data information for specific clamp
3)  Add suffix "-N" for no fittings
4)  Add suffix "-S" for socket eye
5)  Add suffix "-RYCE" for 90 degree Y-Clevis eye

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