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Fittings, Guy

These Cast Iron Fittings are used with standard pipe near sidewalks and buildings where there is insufficient space for standard guying and where head clearance must be maintained. The SWGB-20-54 pole plate is mounted with one 5/8" bolt and two 1/2" lag screws.  The SWG-20-5 end fitting clamps the strand.

Material: Ductile Iron, Hot Dip Galvanized


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SWG2-20-5 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number Description Wire Range Pipe Size Weight/100 (lbs)
SWG-20-5 Clamp End Fitting 1/4" to 9/16" 2 400
SWG2-20-5 Double Clamp End Fitting 5/16" to 9/16" 2 500
SWGB-20-54 Pole Plate 2 225

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