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The INERTIA MSO, motorized switch operator, meets or exceeds ANSI certification standards for substation, transmission and distribution Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA). It works as a stand alone, locally controlled device, or it can be fit with a wide variety of SCADA communication equipment including your choice of RTU, modem, radio, antenna, cabling, and analog insulators with current, voltage and fault sensing capabilities. Two MSO models are:

  • MSOD- reciprocating output for distribution switches 15 kV-35 kV
  • MSOT- reciprocating output for transmission switches 46 kV-72.5 kV
The INERTIA MSO is built with interchangeable communication control modules for upgrading on the shop bench instead of in the field. A basic push-button operating device can be upgraded with a variety of SCADA systems in the future. A new or modified module, with your choice of remote control features, can be easily bench tested on an existing MSO series and quickly apply the upgrade in the field. The INERTIA MSO gives the flexibility needed for your changing remote switching requirements. Inertia’s interchangeable modules allow for easy upgrades on the shop bench; not up on the pole.


MSO Mechanical and Manual Operation Standard Features (All Models):

Motor Operation Type: Reciprocating G.O. 95 Compliant operating mechanism and enclosure. 14 gauge S.S. NEMA 3R operator enclosure with ANSI 71 grey powder-coat. All linkage components are nonferrous anticorrosive materials and physically / environmentally isolated from the electronic components. Means provided to enable the motor to be coupled or decoupled from the output shaft or repositioning the output linkage to its original position prior to manual operation. Switch position status indication when operated either by motor or when operated manually. A motor de-energizing interlock, physical linkage stop in a padlockable collar is provided for clearance point verification.

Physical Characteristics:

  • Nominal Weight: < 225 lbs.
  • Nominal Size: 15-½” W x 19-½” H x 3″ D
  • Enclosure Type: 14 Gauge, NEMA 3R, S.S
  • or Mild Steel with ANSI 71 Grey Powder-coat
  • Operating Speed: 500 to 1000 mS

Electrical Characteristics:

  • 120 VAC / 12 VDC 200 W Power Supply
  • 120 VAC Surge Suppressed Power Supply
  • Input Terminal Block
  • 120 VAC Thermostatically Controlled 150 W Cabinet Heater
  • 12 VDC 55AH Sealed Lead Acid AGM Battery
  • 16 VDC 58 F Super Capacitor Backup
  • 12 VDC & 24 VDC Communications Power Supply

Clearance Point Safety:

  • Motor Decouple Lamp
  • Interlock Decouple Lamp
  • Motor Interlocking Pin
  • Decoupling Handle

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Proven to be a Reliable Component of the Intelligent Grid for more than 15 years. Inertia Engineering’s MSO Delivers Remote Switch Operation, Current, Voltage, and Fault Sensing Intelligence to your SCADA operators. Inertia can help you solve locational awareness and service restoration needs. Inertia’s MSO features:

Selection Guide




Sensor Upgrade Package

MSO Sensor Capabilities:
  • 3 Ph. Current Sensors (Load and/or Source Side)
  • 3 Ph. Voltage Sensors (Load and/or Source Side)
  • 3 Ph. CT/PT Combo Sensors (Load and/or Source Side)
  • 1 Ph. 120VAC PT (MSO Supply Voltage) Sensing Input Provision
  • Fault Circuit Indicators

Consult factory for additional sensing capabilities. Not limited to the switch configurations listed below.

MSO Sensor Upgrade Example

MSO Documentation


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