MPS's Ultralight Tangent crossarm's deign offers a direct and superior alternative to wood products. Since the manufacturing process and core material costs of fiberglass exceeds the cost of wood, the best solution is a crossarm which removes as much material as possible.


The high-level requirements for the product are simple; lower costs and meet same strength performance requirements. The MPS result is an L-Shaped product, which allows many additional advantages.

Ultra Light Tangent Pallet

Stackable Design

Stackable for reduced freight and storage costs.

Advanced Design


» UV stabilized pultruded fiberglass beam
» Extensive use of woven & straight fibers for increased
strength/reduced deflection
» Environmentally friendly - no chemicals or preservatives
» Compatible installation with saddle pins on tangent crossarms
» No chemical treatments or disposal health concerns
» Field drillable design - available in standard REA or custom
» Lighter than wood with consistent material properties
» Improves overall system insulation and integrity
» Strength does not diminish over time due to rot
» RUS listed – Pending
» Made in Newberry, South Carolina

Ultra Light Tangent Render



More Compact



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