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MacLean Power Systems is dedicated to keeping our power infrastructure performing optimally by supplying world-class products and programs to fulfill the needs of customers who maintain electrical services to consumers worldwide.


We supply over 12,000 power system products to our valued customers every day. Our areas of product expertise include automatic splices and bolted connectors, silicone rubber non-ceramic insulators for transmission, distribution, and substation applications, surge arresters, pole line hardware, aluminum, bronze and iron clamps, fiberglass brackets and guy strains, steel fabrications, bonding and grounding products, anchoring systems, and much more. 


Our commitment to support the "Guardians of the Grid" from the assembly line to the front line, allows us to help deliver the power on which our customers depend. Contact us today to see how we can partner with your company's vision and needs.

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It's About

We strive to create a workplace that practices respect, openness, collaboration, personal growth and entrepreneurship.

We are determined to achieve excellence in Environmental, Health & Safety through Mission Zero.

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