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Manta Ray® Earth Anchor

The Manta Ray Utility Anchor System is used by utilities worldwide. Manta Rays are driven into the ground using a jackhammer, not augured or torqued. No excavation is necessary. The anchors are driven with conventional hydraulic equipment that is readily available.


Manta Ray Anchors are RUS approved, rugged and versatile driven plate anchors for all types of soil conditions. They can be installed in extremely tough soils such as caliche, decomposed rock, glacial till, and permafrost. Larger models are also available for swamp application. Fully portable installation equipment which can fit in the back of a standard pickup truck can be used to access difficult to reach anchor locations. They can also be installed using the line truck’s hydraulic system. Every anchor is proof tested during standard installation procedures for a verified tension load measurement. Manta Ray anchors are compatible with standard power hub anchor rods and eyenuts for distribution guy anchors.

Manta Ray Anchors

Catalog Number Model For PH Rod Size Ultimate Load Rating (lbs) Weight (lbs)
20036-UT-II MR-1 D75 (3/4”) or D100 (1”) 23,000 or 36,000 13
20199-UT-II MR-2 D75 (3/4”) or D100 (1”) 23,000 or 36,000 11
20210-UT-II MR-3 D62 (5/8”) 16,000 7
20229-UT-II MR-SR D75 (3/4”) or D100 (1”) 23,000 or 36,000 21


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