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MPS offers a full line of Fiberglass Brackets for your power and utility needs. Fiberglass Brackets offer value added solutions for supporting equipment to cable.
Fiberglass Brackets come standard with the UVMAXX™ UV protection system or add optional silicone coating for even greater UV and contamination performance in harsh environments.

• UV system with 80+ year performance
• UV Protective top layer integrated into structure of composite eliminating concerns of protective layer chipping or scratching off
• Doubles thickness of top layer for improved durability
• Denser fabric for reduced light transference and longevity
• 10,000 hours of UV exposure testing per ASTM G154
• Improved tracking and erosion performance tested per ASTM D2303
• Improved resiliency to fire tested per UL94 and ASTM D635 with a V0 rating

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