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8" Transmission Pipe Pile

The MPS 8" Transmission Pipe Pile is a helical pile designed to resist large axial, lateral and moments loading. Transmission Pipe Piles are used in foundations of substations and lattice towers.


The MPS F-86 pile offers:

  • Our square on square coupler technology to optimize pile performance during installation and usage. 
  • Limiting rip out failure due to installation torque as seen in pipe sleeve connections. 
  • An economic deep foundation solution for poor subgrade conditions lacking adequate support due to low consistency soils such as swamps or beach environments.
  • A high capacity load resistance in compression up to 250 kips (1,112 kN), in tension up to 150 kips (667 kN) and in lateral up to 15 kips (67 kN).
  • Load resistance is based on pipe wall thickness and soil conditions.     
  • Features a double cut nose for ease of installation as well as an internal coupling system with threaded bolt holes to ensure a snug fit between pipe segments.

Leads are available with helices ranging from 14-24” (355-610mm) in 2” (50mm) increments on 5, 7, and 10 foot sections (1.5, 2.1, 3m).

Extensions are available with or without helices in 5, 7, and 10 foot sections.

Ultimate Capacities:

Wall Thickness – 0.188”

  • 200,000 lb Ultimate Compression Load
  • 150,000 lb Ultimate Tesnion Load
  • 40,000 ft-lb Ultimate Installing Torque


Wall Thickness – 0.250”

  • 300,000 lb Ultimate Compression Load
  • 175,000 lb Ultimate Tesnion Load
  • 40,000 ft-lb Ultimate Installing Torque

Helical Lead Sections

Catalog Number Length (ft) Helix Configuration Wall Thickness
F86L120T162024 10' 16-20-24 0.188"
F86L60T16 5' 16 0.188"
F86M120T141620 10' 14-16-20 0.250"
F86M120T16 10' 16 0.250"
F86M84T14 7' 14 0.250"

Piles typically installed with R86TL300 which is compatible with a 3” Hex Kelly Bar. Please contact MPS for additional installation tool options.

Extension Sections

Catalog Number Length (ft) Wall Thickness
F86LE120 10' 0.188"
F86LE60 5' 0.188"
F86ME120 10' 0.250"
F86ME84 7' 0.250"

Extensions with helix available as needed. Please contact MPS for additional information.

Top Plate Termination Dim Drawing Image

Top Plate Termination

Catalog Number LxWxD Description
NCB121206R86M 12"x12"x0.75" 8 Inch Helical Anchor Top Plate Pile Section Termination Compatible with F86M

Bolted connection top plate, no field welding required.

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