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Product Spotlight:

Suspension Insulators

Featuring: Mitigation of corona in e-field stress

Universal Trunnion

Line Post Insulator

This high-quality, one-piece-fits-all product easily adapts to any application, so you can do away with all the individual trunnion clamps and tie wraps of the past.

Excalibur HIgh Capacity Displacement Piles

New Product Introduction:

Excalibur High Capacity Piles

Excalibur threaded and bolted piles are a game changer in the anchor industry.


These innovative high capacity piles can be pressure grouted to reduce costs and save time while providing immense load capacities over gravity fed systems.


UVMAXX™ Composite Crossarm

The new UVMAXX Crossarm lineup sets the industry standard in durability delivering the longest life product in its category.

Arrester Product Spotlight Hero Image

Product Spotlight:

Distribution Arresters

A water tight housing protects our Zforce™ Arresters from moisture and corrosion to protecting your system from surges.

ACSR Connector Product Xray View

Product Spotlight:

Connector Products

MacLean Power System's conductor products are available for use on a range of materials, including Aluminum, Copper, Steel and more.

Whether you need a product for splicing, dead-ending, or tapping, Maclean Power Systems offers the solutions to fit your need.

Product Spotlight:

Toughened Glass Insulators

Our Toughened Glass Insulators disks can be connected in series to cover voltages from 15 to 1150kV.

01-M-070 Grounding Clamp Assembly

Safety and Grounding

MacLean Power Systems offers an extensive line of premium safety and grounding products.

IEEE 2016 Composite 27kV Electric Fuse Cutout

Polymer Fuse Cutout

Rigorous testing. Proven performance. Our cutout product line has been designed and engineered to meet the current and stringent IEEE 2016 certification standards.

TransArmour Polymer Coated Corrosion Resistant Hardware

Corrosion Resistant Hardware

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MPS Universal Trunnion Distribution Line Post Insulator

Universal Trunnion LP Insulators

When you're on site, efficiency is of the essence - especially when the elements are extreme. That's why MacLean Power Systems continues to come through ...
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The new UVMAXX Fiberglass Composite Crossarm lineup sets the industry standard in durability delivering the longest life product in its category. We have maximized every ...
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Trenton Snow Storm

Last week, a team of MPS employees worked diligently to get our Trenton, TN facility safely opened after being hit with a “once in a ...
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Arrester 2021 Web Image Cutaway

Product Spotlight: Zforce™ Distribution Arresters

Distribution Arresters   Excessive voltages produced by lightning, switching, or equipment failures can occur at any time. Our Zforce™ Arresters safeguard and protect your system from ...
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Connectors Image

Product Spotlight: Connector Products

MacLean Power Systems offers a wide range of connectors to meet the varied needs of utility customers. Conductor products are available for use on a ...
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Product Spotlight: Toughened Glass Insulators

MacLean Power Systems offers advanced Modular Designed Toughened Glass that covers voltage classes from 15-1150kV applications.  Our premium glass insulators enable our customers to cover ...
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Universal Safety Clamp on Round Bus

Product Spotlight: Safety & Grounding

MacLean Power design philosophy is to maximize the utility of our grounding clamps.  All MacLean Power ground clamps, including all universal clamps, were designed specifically ...
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TransArmour Oval Eye Bolt

TransArmour, TDG, and Galvanized Corrosion Resistant Hardware

MacLean Power offers two alternatives to stainless steel hardware.  The options provide hardware with improved corrosion resistance over hot dip galvanizing, but at a significantly ...
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IEEE 2020 Event Cancelled

Due to current government restrictions and company travel policies, 2020 IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exhibition in Chicago has been cancelled. The conference is developing ...
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