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Fiberglass Composite Crossarms

The new UVMAXX Crossarm lineup sets the industry standard in durability delivering the longest life product in its category. We have maximized every element of the fiberglass composite crossarm to meet all standards in lab testing and the real world.


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Advanced Features


The unique Duraforce composite fiberglass design incorporates radial corners that increase rigidity resulting in 45% less deflexion and a longer lifecycle than our competition.


Our Duraloc endcaps mechanically lock into the beam instead of just using the use of foamcore fill to attach the caps. This mechanical locking system ensures they stay in place preventing endcap failures.


The Duracore beam incorporates the UV protective layer into the structure ensuring that there are no entry points for degradation. While painted systems allow degradation to occur if the surface is nicked or scratched, our Duracore beam is resilient and eliminates the need for painting.


Our best-in-class Duracast mounting hardware system outperforms welded solutions eliminating the chance of premature failure due to poor welds.

Our Duraloc endcaps mechanically lock into the beam vs. the use of foamcore fill to attach endcaps. This mechanical locking system greatly reduces endcap failures.



The Duracore beam bonds the UV protective layer directly to the core structure, eliminating the need for painting while ensuring that there are no entry points for corrosion. Painted systems allow corrosion to enter once nicked or scratched.


The composition of UVMAXX™ Fiberglass Composite Crossarms allow for a field drillable design and provide optimum performance.

Lighter, safer, stronger, and environmentally friendly unlike wood crossarms that are coated with harmful chemical preservatives.

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Outer Veil

Maximum Protection

Outer Veil for the ultimate UV protection.



Fiberglass Mat

Maximum Strength

Fiberglass mat provides beam rigidity and strength to dramatically reduces load deflection



UV inhibitors

Maximum Longevity

UV inhibitors through all layers of fiberglass core ensure unparalleled service life



Radial Corners

Maximum Performance

Radial corners improves strength and rigidity to reduce deflection over our competition



Maximum Usability

Maximum Usability

High density closed cell foam prevents moisture penetration & allows for field drilling eliminating the need for inserts


UVMAXX™ Video Overview

UVMAXX™ Crossarm Composition Features and Advantages

Maximum Protection. Maximum Performance.

Our full lineup of fiberglass utility products is designed to meet your needs.

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