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  • Armor Rod

    Formed Wire

    Utilities rely on us for products, that will stand the test of time with as little maintenance as possible over the years. At MacLean Power Systems we offer a variety of formed wire products that are unmatched for your power and utility needs. We have refined our formed wire products with quality metals and stringent standards. Available in multiple ranges and lengths for all conductor sizes and best fit for our customer's needs.

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  • DSC03176

    UVMAXX™ Fiberglass Brackets

    MacLean Power Systems has made improvements that affect fiberglass brackets. Fiberglass bracket's primary function is to provide mechanical support for mounting equipment and insulators to electrical systems. They can be used to support everything from arresters, cutouts, and terminations to insulators with conductors, as an added benefit of using MPS fiberglass brackets. Electrical separation from the pole to the guy wire for safety and system reliability. Maclean's full line offering of fiberglass brackets provides complete solutions for all environments and applications and is available in multiple lengths, strength ratings, and our veiled UV protective coating. Every fiberglass bracket assembled in the USA is 100% factory tested for proven reliability out of the box.

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  • UVMAXX-spotlightpage

    UVMAXX™ Fiberglass Crossarms

    The new UVMAXX™ Crossarm lineup sets the industry standard in durability delivering the longest life product in its category.

    Along with many other premium features, MacLean Power System’s arms have the highest possible fire protection rating of UL94 V-0, ensuring our arms will self-extinguish in the event a flame reaches them, thereby not contributing flammable material to the blaze.

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  • GuyStrain-spotlightpage

    Guy Strain Insulator Spotlight

    A Guy Strain Insulator’s primary function is to provide electrical separation from the pole to the guy wire for safety and system reliability.

    Maclean’s full line offering of fiberglass Guy Strain Insulators provides complete solutions for all environments and applications, and are available in multiple lengths, strength ratings, and protective coating options.

    Every Guy Strain Insulator is assembled in the USA and 100% factory tested for proven reliability out of the box.

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  • SusIns-spotlightpage

    Suspension Insulator Spotlight

    Utilities rely on us for products that will stand the test of time with as little maintenance as possible over the years. At MacLean Power Systems, we have refined our insulator design and manufacturing process to meet their needs.

    Our engineering team has the tools and decades of experience needed to get you the right insulator assembly for your needs. 

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  • MPS Universal Trunnion Distribution Line Post Insulator

    Universal Trunnion Spotlight

    When you’re on site, efficiency is of the essence – especially when the elements are extreme. That’s why MacLean Power Systems continues to come through with ways to streamline the things you need to get the job done. 

    The Universal Trunnion does just that. It puts productivity on a pedestal by eliminating the need for separate hardware, so you can quickly take care of the task at hand and get on to the next one.

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  • Excalibur-Spotlight-Guide-Images

    Excalibur High Capacity Piles

    MacLean’s Excalibur Displacement and Pressure Grouted Piles are large diameter pipe piles designed to resist massive amounts of axial and lateral loads.

    These piles utilize a bolted or threaded coupler system and are installed using common hydraulic rotary equipment. Each component, from the shaft diameter and wall thickness to the grout column diameter, is custom sized to fit your project’s specifications.

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  • Arrester 2020 Web Image

    Distribution Arrestors

    Excessive voltages produced by lightning, switching, or equipment failures can occur at any time. Our Zforce™ Arresters safeguard and protect your system from voltage surges. Zforce™ polymer molded body seals the arrester component assemblies to provide optimal environmental protection. 

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  • Connectors-Spotlight-Guide-Images

    Connector Hardware

    MacLean Power Systems offers a wide range of connectors to meet the varied needs of utility customers. Conductor products are available for use on a range of materials, including Aluminum, Copper, Steel, and more. Whether you need a product for splicing, dead-ending, or tapping, Maclean Power Systems offers the solutions to fit your need.

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  • Glass-spotlightpage

    Toughened Glass Insulators

    MacLean Power Systems offers advanced Modular Designed Toughened Glass that covers voltage classes from 15-1150kV applications.  Our premium glass insulators enable our customers to cover all their system voltages while taking up less inventory space than polymer insulators. The precise quality construction of our European sourced glass insulators offer many benefits and advantages.

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  • Grounding-spotlightpage

    Universal Grounding Clamps

    MacLean Power's design philosophy is to maximize the utility of our grounding clamps.  All MacLean Power ground clamps, including all universal clamps, were designed specifically to withstand asymmetric faults.  Each clamp is manufactured to the latest ASTM F855 standard and has been tested at independent laboratories per ASTM F855. 

    Universal design elements allow the clamp to be used on conductor, round bus bar, grounding studs, and grounding ball studs.  One clamp can cover multiple customer needs. 

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  • Cutout-spotlightpage

    Polymer Fuse Cutout

    15kV and 27kV cutouts from MacLean Power Systems™ up the ante on performance, strength, safety, and durability. Engineered and assembled in the USA, MPS cutouts are designed for use on overhead distribution systems to provide superior overcurrent protection and a visible indication of fuse operation.

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  • TDG-spotlightpage

    Corrosion Resistant Hardware

    MacLean Power offers two alternatives to stainless steel hardware.  The options provide hardware with improved corrosion resistance over hot dip galvanizing, but at a significantly lower cost than stainless steel.

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