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Distribution Arresters

Excessive voltages produced by lightning, switching, or equipment failures can occur at any time. Our Zforce™ Arresters safeguard and protect your system from voltage surges.

Zforce™ polymer molded body seals the arrester component assemblies to provide optimal environmental protection. 


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The Zforce™ Advantage

Moisture is the number one reason for conventional arrester failure, which significantly increases maintenance costs.

Our Zero Air Interface polymer housing is molded directly on the composite reinforced core for the ultimate seal against moisture.

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Optimized Design Inside and Out

Each component of our Z-force™ arresters has been engineered for optimal surge protection performance.

Inside the water-tight outer shell resides a reliable configuration of Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) blocks designed to meet your specified electric surge protection range. The MOV blocks are encased in a proprietary protective fiberglass woven shroud to ensure  optimal performance and longevity for each arrester.

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Arrester Top Plug Callout Image
Top Stud / Hot Stud

MacLean offers a variety of connector options to suit any application

Arrester One Piece Housing Callout Image
One Piece Polymer Housing

A water tight housing prevents moisture ingress and contaminants from causing corrosion to the arrester

Arrester Composite Core Callout Image
Composite Reinforced Core

A specialty wound fiberglass weave enshrouds Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) blocks inside each arrester

Arrester Molded Nameplate Callout Image
Molded Nameplate

MacLean Power Systems is molded into the arrester housing for identification that will last the life of the product

Primed and Bonded End Plug

Both the upper fitting and lower end fitting are primed and bonded with the outer polymer housing to create a single fused protective component

Arrester End Plug Callout Image
Epoxy Sealed Integrated GLD

The Ground Lead Disconnect (GLD) enables the arrester to remove itself from the circuit at end of life to prevent a short

Arrester Mounted on Pole Callout Image
Insulating Bracket

The robust polymer insulating bracket allows the arrester to be mounted securely in place for normal operation


Manufactured with Pride in the USA

Our Z-force™ arresters are manufactured in York, South Carolina with domestic inventory ready to ship.

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ZForce™ Arrester Features and Advantages

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Custom Solutions. Complete Solutions.

Excessive voltages produced by lightning, switching, or equipment failures can occur at any time. 

Contact us to provide an optimal solution to safeguard and protect your system.

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