Universal Grounding Clamps

MacLean Power design philosophy is to maximize the utility of our grounding clamps.  All MacLean Power ground clamps, including all universal clamps, were designed specifically to withstand asymmetric faults.  Each clamp is manufactured to the latest ASTM F855 standard and has been tested at independent laboratories per ASTM F855. 

Universal design elements allow the clamp to be used on conductor, round bus bar, grounding studs and grounding ball studs.  One clamp can cover multiple customer needs. 

Universal Design Benefits

Our universal safety clamp covers multiple applications eliminating the need to purchase and maintain an assortment of clamps.


The Universal Clamps can be used on:
  • Conductor 
  • Round Bus Bar
  • Ground Studs and Ground Bar Studs


Design Features

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Wide Jaw

Wide Profile

Ensures the clamp stays seated and secured during a fault event.


Strong H-frame

Body designed to be both light and sturdy to withstand asymmetrical faults. 

Interface Section

High Quality Electrical Interface

All MPS components are designed to work together as a system proven through ASTM F855 fault testing.


Strain Relief

Dampens the whipping effect that arises during a fault, reducing the loads on the critical clamp-to-ferrule and ferrule-to-cable connections. 


Parking Stud

Lubrication Chamber

Pre-installed grease assists with thread longevity.  The chamber is also tapped to allow for the installation of parking studs.  


Oval Eyescrew

Forged Aluminum Eye-screw

Lightweight, durable aluminum material with an eye for use with a shotgun stick. 



Universal Style Safety Clamp Overview Video


All MPS Safety Clamp Offerings:


Substation or Transmission

More Information

Did you know that MacLean Power Systems offers an extensive line of premium safety and grounding products? With nine product lines and over 130 individual products to choose from we can service your needs.

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