Suspension Insulators

Utilities rely on us for products that will stand the test of time with as little maintenance as possible over the years. At MacLean Power Systems, we have refined our insulator design and manufacturing process to meet their needs.

An insulator’s two main functions are mechanical and electrical, and failure of either function could lead to catastrophic events. Mitigation of stresses on the mechanical and electrical functions of the insulator is paramount to extending its life.  In addition, understanding specification and application requirements (altitude and phase spacing), and environmental (contamination) conditions are critical to building a long-lasting assembly. Our engineering team has the tools and decades of experience needed to get you the right insulator assembly for your needs.  If your utility is experiencing issues or questions on aging insulators in the field, we can assist in troubleshooting and improving those applications.

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Polymer Longevity

  • Not all polymer is created equal, MacLean has an HTV (high temperature vulcanized) silicone rubber formulation that has been lab-tested and field-proven since 1984
  • Our silicone is fully bonded to the corrosion-resistant E-Glass core and sealed with a Multi-Layer PST seal for optimal protection against water ingress
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PST Seal

PST Seal

Our PST seal technology is a multi-layer sealing system that compresses the end fitting onto the rod while creating a water-tight seal, which significantly extends service life.

Silicone Housing

Silicone Housing

Specially proven HTV silicone housing material maximizes hydrophobicity and minimizes maintenance needs such as pressure washing.

Stacked Shed

Stacked Shed Design

A stacked shed design eliminates exposed silicone sheath in the high electrical stress area of the insulator, minimizing the potential for material aging.

Corona Ball

Corona Ball

Our unique Corona ball end fitting feature acts as a small grading device, and is the mating feature of the Smart Fit Corona Ring, the corona ball feature provides sacrificial material (more mass of metal) to prevent exposure of the core, should the insulator be exposed to an electrical flash over event.

Defense Against Aging

  • Stacked shed design was implemented by MPS in 2002 after years of research and testing, research including a known IEEE paper “Aging of Non-Ceramic Insulators due to Corona from Water Droplets.” on the greater effort to improve the overall performance of silicone insulators in extreme environments.
  • MPS now utilizes this configuration on all of our polymer suspension insulators, minimizing the potential for material aging or degradation due to water droplet corona cutting and electrical stresses.
  • Through e-field modeling, we can validate the ideal application of the stacked sheds prior to field install, and see how our design fares vs older designs.
efield-second draft

Stress Mitigation

  • MPS corona balls and smart fit corona rings provide protection against electrical and mechanical damage and prevent exposure of the core rod at the critical line end of the insulator.
  • Smart Fit Corona Rings are designed in a manner where the ring will only fit one way on the geometric shape of the corona ball attachment feature, ensuring proper field installation.
  • In the images below, see how easily the corona ring fits onto the corona ball, providing the additional protection the insulator needs

Additional MPS Transmission Products:

Maclean Power Systems offers a variety of Distribution, Substation, and Transmission Line Arrester products. Contact us for more details on products to meet your needs.

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