Fiberglass Brackets: Enhanced Veiled UV protection system

MacLean Power Systems has made improvements that affect fiberglass brackets. Fiberglass bracket's primary function is to provide mechanical support for mounting equipment and insulators to electrical systems. They can be used to support everything from arresters, cutouts, and terminations to insulators with conductors, as an added benefit of using MPS fiberglass brackets. Electrical separation from the pole to the guy wire for safety and system reliability. Maclean's full line offering of fiberglass brackets provides complete solutions for all environments and applications and is available in multiple lengths, strength ratings, and our veiled UV protective coating. Every fiberglass bracket assembled in the USA is 100% factory tested for proven reliability out of the box.



  • Vertical, 15, and 0 degree designs

  • Multiphase configurations 

  • Multiple base and line fitting options 

  • Customizable Lengths
  • Iron and aluminum end fitting options
  • Veiled and silicone coatings available
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Multiphase Configuarations
  1.      Multiple base fitting options 

Vertical,0, and 15 degree designs


Vertical °


15° Bracket 0° Bracket 
End Fittings

Multiple End Fitting Options

Iron and aluminum end fittings options

Advantages of Aluminum 

  • Ease Of Install
  • Cast In U.S. 
  • Lightweight and Durable 
  • Contamination Resistant 
Veiled and Silicone coatings available

Veil and Silicone Rods

  1. Silicone Rod
  2. Veil Rod
Customizable Lengths

Customizable Lenghts


Built For Reliability

MPS fiberglass brackets are designed with the highest quality materials and manufactured using one piece flow techniques making sure each unit is manufactured to specification and 100% factory tested. 

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Advanced Coatings

The silicone coating offers improved UV protection and contamination performance characteristics. MPS's extruded HTV (high temperature vulcanized) silicone rubber formulation has been lab-tested and field-proven since 1984, is completely bonded to the fiberglass rod during production, won't tear away or fall off over time, eliminates potential voids to prevent moisture ingress, and provides the same insulating protection and hydrophobicity performance as MPS's high voltage transmission insulators. All MPS fiberglass brackets come standard in MPS enhanced UVMAXX ™ veil coating system(Fiberglass Bracket Veiled UV Coating).


  • Anticipated to last 80+ years
  • UV Protective top layer integrated into structure of composite eliminated concerns of protective layer chipping or scratching off 
  • Double thickness of top layer
  • Denser fabric for reduced light transference and prolonged lifespan
  • 10,000 hours of UV exposure, testing per ASTM G154
  • UL 94 V0 fire rating
  • Improved tracking and erosion resistance 
Veil Silicone


MacLean Power Systems offers a variety of  UV Maxx UL94 V-0 fire resistance rated  Distribution, Substation, and Transmission products. Contact us for more details on products to meet your needs.


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