"Increasing Line Longevity"

Utilities rely on us for products, that will stand the test of time with as little maintenance as possible over the years. At MacLean Power Systems we offer a variety of formed wire products that are unmatched for your power and utility needs. We have refined our formed wire products with quality metals and stringent standards. Available in multiple ranges and lengths for all conductor sizes and best fit for our customers needs.

 Formed wire products are another addition in providing pole-to-conductor solutions for the utility industry. MPS's technical and manufacturing expertise for formed wire spans over four continents and provides solutions for transmission, distribution and guying applications.

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Armor Rods & Line Guards

Armor rods and line guards are used to protect conductors from fatigue, abrasion, Arc over and creep damage by increasing the stiffness of the conductor at support points. They are also designed to repair conductors with less than 25% damage to its aluminum strand. They are recommended for all voltage classes and can be used on major conductors as AAC, AAAC, ACSR and ACSS.

Features & Benefits

  • Economical 
  • Industry Compatibility 
  • Lead Time Efficiency  
  • Logistical Simplicity 
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Extra High Voltage Protection 

Armor rods are designed with parrot bill ends to sustain high voltage applications 

Material Versatility

Material Versatility 

Material chemistry is designed to give line protection and strength while maintaining malleability for installation   

Heat Dissipation

Heat Dissipation 

Armor rods are designed for assembly to sustain maximum heat dissipation  

Formed Wire

Formed wire products are representative of MPS's progression of becoming a full-line global supplier. Formed wire provides a more consistent and cost effective way to secure or deadend conductors when compared to traditional hand ties. Formed wire products follow industry established color codes and have grit coating applied to the helix interior to ensure optimal tensile performance.

Application Versatilities

Transmission Solutions

  • Armor Rods
  • Line Guards 
  • Helical Suspension Clamps 

Distribution Solutions

  • Deadend Guy Grips (DE-S) 
  • Distribution Deadend Grips  (DG-AC) 
  • Top Ties (DT-AC, C,F & J Neck)
  • House Service Grips (HSG) 
  • Spool Ties (SPT, & QST-AC) 

Helical Suspension Clamps

MPS helical suspension clamps combines the support of the standard suspension clamp with the protection of an armor rod.The rubber inserts are designed to also lower the mechanical and thermal stress on the conductor while also maintaining the conductor integrity.

  • Standard voltage
  • Extra high voltage, Ultra high voltage applications
  • Compatible with AAAC, AAC, ACSR and ACSS conductor


Additional MPS Formed Wire Products!

Maclean Power Systems offers a variety of Distribution, Transmission, and guy formed wire Line. Contact us for more details on products to meet your needs.

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