A Guy Strain Insulator's primary function is to provide electrical separation from the pole to the guy wire for safety and system reliability. MacLean's full line offering of fiberglass Guy Strain Insulators provides complete solutions for all environments and applications, and are available in multiple lengths, strength ratings, and protective coating options. Every Guy Strain Insulator is assembled in the USA and 100% factory tested for proven reliability out of the box.


  1. Multiple strength ratings available from 15,000 lbs all the way to an industry leading 80,000 lbs

  2. Available lenghts to accommodate electrical system requirements

  3. Various end fitting options provide a variety of styles for connection

  4. Silicone rubber coating available for superior UV and contamination performance

  5. Built tough with a solid fiberglass rod core and crimped on end fittings

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15,000 to 80,000 lb ratings
  1.      15,000 to 80,000 lb ratings





 2.    Common Lengths In 12-144 inches


End Fittings



3. Thimble Eye Y- Clevis Clevis 


4. Veil




5. 100% Factory Tensile Tested  

Built For Reliability

MPS guy strain insulators are designed with the highest quality materials and manufactured using one piece flow techniques making sure each unit is manufactured to specification. Additionally, all end fittings are crimped to ensure a secure and consistent connection with 100% factory tensile testing to ANSI C29.11 national standards for quality validation. 

Advanced Coatings

MPS offers a full line of silicone coated guy strain insulators in ratings of 15,000, 21,000, 30,000, 36,000 (Guy Strain Insulator PIB) 50,000, and 80,000 lb designs. The silicone coating offers improved UV protection and contamination performance characteristics. MPS's extruded HTV (high temperature vulcanized) silicone rubber formulation has been lab-tested and field-proven since 1984, is completely bonded to the fiberglass rod during production, won't tear away or fall off over time, eliminates potential voids to prevent moisture ingress, and provides the same insulating protection and hydrophobicity performance as MPS's high voltage transmission insulators. 

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