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Sectionalizers are used to split a secondary conductor.


Features: Used to split a secondary conductor. Swing-away keeper for easy installation. All captive parts.

Application: Hardware: Recommended torque: 20 to 25 ft.lbs.

Material End Fitting: Ductile Iron, Hot Dip Galvanized

Material Hardware: Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized

Material Rod: Fiberglass, gray ultraviolet (UV) protective veil coating

Sectionalizer Dim Drawing Image


Catalog Number A B Min. Ultimate Load (lbs.) Cable Range Weight Lbs (kg)
HGSP-51-6 6 20.75 6000 .16-.51 3.5
GSP-51-6F 6 18.82 6000 .16-.57 4.3

1) Add "SC" for silicone coated rod (harsh environments)
2) For additional lengths, options, thread sizes, bases and end fittings contact MPS or reference the MPS Catalog Matrix Configurator in the Link section above

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