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Alabama Plant Update

Click the video below to watch a sneak peek of our expanding MPS Alabaster, AL facility! MPS is dedicated to make continuous improvements to better serve our customers. Make sure to like this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel for additional MPS updates!

New Product Feature: UVMAXX UL94 V-0 Fire Resiliency Rating

The new UVMAXX Crossarm lineup sets the industry standard in durability delivering the longest life product in its category. Along with many other premium features, MacLean Power System’s arms have the highest possible fire protection rating of UL94 V-0, ensuring our arms will self-extinguish in the event a flame reaches them, thereby not contributing flammable …

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Product Spotlight: Guy Strain Insulators

A Guy Strain Insulator’s primary function is to provide electrical separation from the pole to the guy wire for safety and system reliability. Maclean’s full line offering of fiberglass Guy Strain Insulators provides complete solutions for all environments and applications, and are available in multiple lengths, strength ratings, and protective coating options. Every Guy Strain …

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Excalibur High Cap Pile Anchor Threaded

Excalibur High Capacity Displacement Piles

MacLean’s Excalibur Displacement and Pressure Grouted Piles are large diameter pipe piles designed to resist massive amounts of axial and lateral loads. These piles utilize a bolted or threaded coupler system and are installed using common hydraulic rotary equipment. Each component, from the shaft diameter and wall thickness to the grout column diameter, is custom …

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Trenton Snow Storm

Last week, a team of MPS employees worked diligently to get our Trenton, TN facility safely opened after being hit with a “once in a decade” snow & ice storm. One employee was able to borrow some machinery and plowed the parking lot, while others pitched in with shovels, road salt, and a bobcat to …

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