Corrosion Resistant Anchor Rods

MacLean Power's TransArmour coated Anchor Rods stand up to the most corrosive environments like stainless steel, but at a much more affordable cost. 

Cost vs Performance

The protection methods available from MacLean Power balance cost with corrosion resistance to maximize the application’s benefit versus cost.

GOOD: Hot-Dip Galvanizing (HDG)

BEST: TransArmour Coating (TA)

TransArmour (TA) Coating


  • a system using two protective coatings that work together to provide a long service life
  • top coat is a proprietary polymer exclusive to MacLean Power
  • under coat is traditional hot dip galvanizing
  • bolts are silver color
  • square nuts are hot dip galvanized and over-coated in Teflon (black color)


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TransArmour Materials Crossection
Proprietary TransArmour Polymer Coating

This layer is a proprietary polymer
from TransArmour

Hot-dip Galvanized Layer

The second layer is a traditional hot-dip galvanized layer for added protection to the hardware.

Standard Carbon Steel Construction

TransArmour hardware is constructed of standard carbon steel with protection from two additional layers.

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The outer polymer layer provides barrier protection and slows the rate which the underlying zinc layer is consumed. If the polymer layer is exhausted, the original hot dip zinc layer beneath provides galvanic and barrier protection. The two coatings work together in a synergistic manner to provide a long service life.

TDG vs TA Serviceability

To easily differentiate TransArmour-coated hardware from standard items, the galvanized nut is Teflon over-coated in a black color.

Whereas the nuts of stainless items may gall and become unusable, the Teflon coated nuts for TransArmour-coated hardware ensure years of serviceability.

TransArmour Bolt

Nylon Threads

Crossarm Pins are fitted with Nylon Coated Threads to ensure smooth fitting, provide durability, and provide security for attached products.

Galvanized and TransArmour Layers

MacLean’s TransArmour-coated hardware is the better economical choice because the standard carbon steel is protected by two layers:
• First layer is traditional hot dip galvanizing
• Second layer is a proprietary polymer from TransArmour

Teflon Nuts

Teflon coated nuts for TransArmour-coated hardware ensure years of serviceability.

Overview Video of TransArmour Anchor Rods



TransArmour Guy Attachment
TransArmour Bolt
TransArmour Bolt
TransArmour Thimble Clevis
TransArmour Oval Eye Bolt

Advanced Protection for A Variety of Products

We offer a variety of parts with TransArmour Coatings.

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