Toughened Glass Insulators

MacLean Power Systems line of toughened glass insulators covers insulator needs across all system voltages. This allows our customers to utilize less SKU's and still have complete system protection.

Precise Construction

Toughened Glass, unlike porcelain or non-ceramic insulators, should not age in service. MacLean’s precisely controlled manufacturing and assembly process ensures our glass stands the test of time.  This performance is driven by a number of factors:

Durable Materials

  • Our glass shell can withstand an impact of over 4x the ANSI requirement of 90 in-lbs
  • The galvanizing thickness of both the socket and ball exceeds ASTM A153 standards by 30%
  • Hot cured alumina cement is utilized for consistent, life-time performance

Optimized Composition

  • Zinc sleeves are provided on all units as a standard feature to mitigate pin corrosion
  • RTV Silicone Coating is available for areas with high contamination
  • Additional metal fitting protection is available with duplex TransArmour coating

Quality Manufacturing

  • Caps are manufactured with a smooth, uniform galvanizing finish
  • Alumina cement is feathered evenly to ensure that the gap between the cap and the shell is filled, ensuring low RTV values  
  • ANSI standards (C29.2B) place limit of  50µV RIV at 1000 kHz with an applied 10kV voltage. MacLean test data shows we are typically 70% below this limit.  

A Clear Look Inside


52-8 Glass Insulator  Slide to see inside

Features & Advantages

From the factory to the field our toughened glass insulator system provides dependable high performance, low inventory requirements, easy inspection and maintenance vs. other systems saving our customers valuable time and dollars.

To ensure this we go beyond industry standards with extensive quality control and clear transparency on country of origin on all materials.

Advanced Quality Assurance

100% of our insulators are subjected to a 40kV power frequency test voltage in addition to routine mechanical testing prior to packing.

This means every insulator delivered to our customer has been electrically and mechanically proofed before delivery


American Stocked – European Sourced

Every insulator is clearly identified where it is manufactured and assembled. 

Visual component inspection

The properties of our toughened glass shells provide a clear visual indication of any damage from the ground without the assistance of special tools.  


Inventory Reduction

Minimize number of SKUs to stock: Simply add or replace individual glass insulators to a series to expand voltage protection. Individual disks can be connected in series to cover voltages from 15 to 1150kV.

Custom Solutions. Complete Solutions.

Learn more about Glass Insulators on our site's product page or contact us to provide a custom solution.

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