MPS POWER Restoration

During and after a storm, MacLean Power Systems is dedicated to keeping our power infrastructure performing optimally, by supplying world class products and programs to fulfill the needs of customers who maintain electrical services to consumers worldwide. 

Storm material Shipped

North West Region

North West Region

700,00 lbs 

South West Region

South West Region

9 Million lbs

South East Region

South East Region

1.9 Million lbs 

North East Region

North East Region

1.2 Million lbs 

In the last 2 years, MacLean has shipped over 12M pounds of emergency restoration material to affected areas throughout the US. 

MPs Power Restoration Video

storm Emergency Program

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 MPS will continue normal shipping / production operations and is preparing to receive significant storm orders. Where possible, we will expedite open orders and ship LTL, ahead of the storm, to major customers that have a contract with MPS. In this mode, it is anticipated stocking levels will be sufficient for Storm and normal orders, however, there is potential that material due to ship to open orders outside of the potential storm area may be affected. 



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Storm Alert Code Green

 MPS is operating under normal business conditions. A minor / isolated storm can occur with isolated outages, or a major piece of equipment/line can experience an outage where local stock is not available to restore power. Storm orders will ship with priority from available inventory or priority production as needed. 



RED STORM CODE_Tradeshow Post1

Storm Alert Code Red

  A major storm is in progress or has occurred with widespread outages. Significant Storm orders are being serviced. MPS will monitor Storm order requirements and release normal orders that will not interfere with storm restoration. There is a high potential that material due to ship to open orders outside of the storm area may be affected. 



Fort-Mill Service Center


Our Fort-Mill Service center is ready to support our customers during storm season everyday! 

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For assistance during business hours call us at 855-MPS-SHIP

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