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During and after a storm, MacLean Power Systems is dedicated to keeping our power infrastructure performing optimally, by supplying world class products and programs to fulfill the needs of customers who maintain electrical services to consumers worldwide.

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During and after a storm, providing products for power restoration is the highest priority for MacLean Power Systems. In support of our customers, MPS provides customer service, inventory and shipping support for the emergency material needs of restoration. MPS manages storm procedures based on Storm Alert levels as identified below.

Storm Alert Levels
Green – MPS is operating under normal business conditions. A minor/isolated storm can occur with isolated outages, or a major piece of equipment/line can experience an outage where local stock is not available to restore power. Storm orders will ship with priority from available inventory or priority production as needed.

Yellow – A major storm is threatening and MPS is on alert for potential major outages or a less severe storm has occurred with isolated outages reported. MPS will continue normal shipping / production operations and is preparing to receive significant storm orders. Where possible, we will expedite open orders and ship LTL, ahead of the storm, to major customers that have a contract with MPS. In this mode, it is anticipated stocking levels will be sufficient for Storm and normal orders, however there is potential that material due to ship to open orders outside of the potential storm area may be affected.

Red – A major storm is in progress or has occurred with widespread outages. Significant Storm orders are being serviced. MPS will monitor Storm order requirements and release normal orders that will not interfere with storm restoration. There is high potential that material due to ship to open orders outside of the storm area may be affected.

MPS will monitor weather and utility outage reports and elevate the Storm Alert Levels as necessary. The Storm Manager will notify internal and external contacts when the levels are elevated. The Storm Alert Level will be posted on the main page of when elevated above green.

Inventory: MacLean Power Systems maintains seasonally adjusted inventory levels of critical restoration products, such as connectors, hardware and insulators. When a major storm is imminent, we will proactively review inventory levels associated with potential storm material needs.

Availability: Stocked material is generally available on a first-come first-serve basis. During storm situations, MPS reserves the right to determine when and where to make material available to ensure that material goes to the area(s) in the most critical need.

24/7 Manufacturing: MacLean Power Systems will dedicate all production capability toward manufacturing storm orders during a major event. We will operate 24/7 as needed to manufacture any of our products needed for storm emergency restoration. Availability will depend on raw material availability.

Normal Orders
Standard Freight Policy – Shipping with standard freight prepaid and allowed requirements. Premium freight service is available. (See below)

Storm Orders, Regardless of Alert Status
Premium Freight Service. Shipping will be daily, dedicated freight (1 or 2 day depending on location).

Premium Freight Service: All charges for premium freight service will be Freight Collect, via the customer’s chosen method or carrier, or Freight Prepaid and added to the invoice. MPS has a network of carriers ready to serve with dedicated direct shipments available at the most affordable rates. MPS will provide an estimate for premium freight. MPS will need contact information and phone number for receiving location.

Air Freight: Air Freight can be arranged at customers expense with proper written authorization, prior to shipment. All air freight costs paid by MPS will be added to the invoice.

Pricing: Emergency storm orders are priced at the applicable contract or valid quoted prices. If no contract is in effect or a valid quote is not in place, the list price less standard discount will apply.

Material Availability: The MPS website,, provides material stock availability. However, during a major storm event, the website may not reflect current availability or upcoming production. Please contact MPS for the most accurate availability. When in Storm Alert, storm orders are treated with priority over normal orders.

Storm Orders: Storm orders should be emailed or sent via EDI to expedite order entry and product shipment. Email orders to or send via EDI. In all cases, please contact your Customer Service representative directly to alert us of the incoming order.

24/7 Customer Service: During normal business hours, contact your primary customer service representative at their work number. After hours, call 1(855) MPS-SHIP and select “Storm Emergency” menu option to be connected to the on-duty customer service representative.

CS Supervisors:                              Work                   Cell
Jay Brigman – CS Supervisor          (803) 628-2115    (803) 414-2668
Angela McClure – CS Supervisor    (803) 628-4326    (803) 526-0863

Sales Contacts:                               Territory              Cell
Danny Cable                                    East                      (618) 214-3537
Chris Bollinger                                 West                     (816) 806-8537
Jared Pratt                                       West West            (803) 207-7965
Brad Wright                                     Central West        (402) 679-3517
Phil Horel                                        South East            (601) 397-4925
Rich Brooks                                     North East            (603) 327-1335


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