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2" (5.1 cm) Guy Terminations

Guy Adapters for 2” RCS shaft screw anchors are include a one-piece single eye guy adapter with integral lifting eye as well as a chain shackle which is capable of acting as the termination for multiple guys. It is not used to help install the anchor and torque should not be applied to it.

The guy tensioning devise (come-a-long) is attached directly to the lifting eye, eliminating the need for an extra adapter. The lifting eye is rated at 12,000 lbs ultimate tension strength.

Hot Dip Galvanized per ASTM A123.


A complete Power Shaft assembly consists of a lead helix section, extension(s) and guy termination other attachment.  The helix size (diameter) and number of helices are selected for the required holding strength.  The shaft size and rating is selected based on the necessary holding strength and installation torque requirement.  The guy attachment is chosen based on the number of guys.

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Catalog Number Description Weight Lbs (kg)
CSH-1009-BC 150 kip Chain Shackle 8.5 (3.9)
D150902 Single Guy Attachment 8 (3.6)

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