Round Transmission Crossarm Assembly

Features:  Accepts 5/8" mounting hardware. Recessed cavity in base to allow double nutting for back-to-back mounting. Keyhole for ease of installation on top bolt.


Base: Ductile Iron, Hot Dip Galvanized

End Fitting: Aluminum

Rod: Fiberglass, MPS gray ultraviolet (UV) protective coating


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Group 0 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number A D Min Ultimate Load (lbs) F2 Long Min Ultimate Load (lbs) F3 Trans Bolt Spacing B Min. Ultimate Load (lbs.) F1 Anchoring Eye Rod or Tube Weight Lbs (kg)
GDAS42H 42 3.0 10000 10000 8 25000 Rod 37.3
GDAS48H 48 3.0 9500 10000 8 25000 Rod 40.4
GDAS54H 54 3.0 9000 10000 8 25000 Rod 43.6
GDAS60H 60 3.0 8500 10000 8 25000 Rod 46.7

1)  Lengths shown are considered standard; for other lengths
     consult factory
2)  For end fitting with side eyes, replace suffix "H" with "E"
3)  Add "SC" for silicone coated rod (harsh environments)
4)  For other options, thread sizes and optional bases and
     end fittings, reference Fiberglass Catalog Numbering
     System Matrix

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