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Alley Arm

Alley Arms (crossarms mounted to one side of the pole) require rigid bracing to insure proper alignment of power distribution and transmission lines. Sturdy MPS angle steel alley arm braces mount at a 45-degree angle and come complete with a solidly welded lineman step. These braces are mounted to the side of the arm by a machine bolt and attached to the pole with two 1/2" lag screws.

Material: Hot Dip Galvanized Steel


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J1522 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number A B Angle Size Length ft (m) Weight/100 (lbs)
J1522 30 9/16 1-3/4 X 1-3/4 X 3/16 5 1300
J1525 30 11/16 1-3/4 X 1-3/4 X 3/16 7 1750

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