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Cable, Plastic


  • Plastic U cable guards offer a strong, lightweight, maintenance-free means of cable protection.
  • The nonconducting, plastic guards are designed to nest over the one-piece galvanized cable guard as required by many construction standards which call for a galvanized guard at the base and a plastic guard up the balance of the pole.
  • The plastic guards may be cut to length in the field. Guards are gray in color.

Material: Produced from UV stabilized, high impact resistant PVC


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Gray Plastic Cable Guard

Catalog Number Dimensions (I.D. x Length) Weight Lbs (kg)
PGU210 2" X 10' 6.0

1) Plastic U cable guards may be mounted with furnished 1-1/2 inch x 10 ga. Neoprene washerhead nails or optional 1/4x 2" hex head lag screw with neoprene backed steel washer, catalog number J26486.1.

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