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Disk Anchors

MPS Disk Anchors and corrosion protected anchor rods are placed in augured holes and back filled with soil cutting or grout (flow-able fill). Disk Anchor assemblies are used to extend the anchor's service in highly corrosive soils. 

We offer a variety of rods to match the length, tension capacity, and number of eyes that your job requires.


The Maclean corrosion-resistant disk anchor is designed for low resistivity, alkaline, and acidic soils with electrolyte combinations. This anchoring system consist of the standard hot dip galvanized plate
anchor rod with a corrosion resistant coating, a plate anchor and the plate and rod isolated with a dielectric washer.

Installation procedure is the same as the cross plate anchors and consists of auguring and angling a hole along with a slot. This allows the assembled anchor to be lowered into position and set at the guy angle.

NOTE: The fiber washer and cap nut are included on the appropriate rod assembly and do not need to be ordered as separate items.

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Disk Anchor Corrosion Protected Rods

Catalog Number Number of Guy Attachements Diameter (in) Rod Length (feet)
J7540CPR 2 1 10
J7539CPR 2 1 9
J7528CPR 2 3/4 8
J7527CPR 2 3/4 7

Disk Anchor Corrosion Resistant Disks

Catalog Number Diameter (in) Thickness (in) Anchor Rod Dia. Range
DA1675 16 0.187 3/4
DA161 16 0.187 1
DA201187 20 0.187 1
DA201250 20 0.250 1
DA241187 24 0.187 1
DA241250 24 0.250 1

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