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Link Style

Link style Pole Bands provide an ideal product for guying and deadending to steel, wood or concrete poles (non-square) without the need for bolt holes in the pole. 

The bands will accommodate pole diameters from a minimum of 8" through a virtually unlimited maximum diameter pole. The bands are available in two tensile strength ratings:  15,000 pounds and 30,000 pounds for heavy-duty transmission construction applications.  They can be supplied with up to four links with connecting eyes that are used as termination points to deadend and guy, such as at 90 degree guyed corner poles.


Bands are supplied with one "CLP" clip, which permits a 4" take up adjustment of the band assembly.  The bands can be ordered with multiple "CLP" clips for additional adjustment or the "CLP" clips can be ordered separately to add to the band assembly.  Full and half links are also available separately for addition to the assembly to adjust the pole diameter range of the band.

Links: Ductile Iron, Hot Dip Galvanized
Bolts and Hinge Pins: Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized
Cotter Key: Stainless Steel

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CLP - Clip Link Assembly Dim Drawing Image
CLP - Clip Link Assembly Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number Tensile Strength Rating (LBS) Weight/100 (lbs)
CLP-2 15,000 5
CLP30-2 30,000 8

SF-TEL-8 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number Weight Lbs (kg)
SF-TEL-8 7

PEL Eye Links Dim Drawing Image

PEL Eye Links

30,000 lbs Dim Drawing Image

30,000 lbs

Catalog Number Fig. Tensile Strength Rating (LBS) A (in) Weight Lbs (kg)
P-30 2 30,000 3-7/16 3
P 2 15,000 3-7/16 1.5
P-1/2 1 15,000 1-11/16 1
P-1/2-30 1 30,000 2-3/16 2

Link style pole bands are available in two tensile strength ratings:  15,000 pounds; and 30,000 pounds.  The 30,000 pound bands and band accessories require "30" in the catalog number to designate the strength.  Bands are supplied with: one "CLP" adjustable clip link; one eye link; and multiple standard links for the required pole diameter.  The bands can be supplied with multiple "PEL" eye links if required.

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