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Wall Straps are used for guying and deadending messenger strand to building walls. J7695 and J7696 terminate strand at the building corners as illustrated. Both are made of 1-3/8 x 11/32-inch steel with a forged thimble eye.

J7695 has two and the J7696 has three 9/16-inch diameter holes spaced 8-inches from center-to-center. J7692, formed from 1-7/32 x 15/64-inch steel, is used similarly to terminate strand at a right angle to the building to the building wall. A wire rope thimble is recommended to protect the strand.

Material: Hot Dip Galvanized Steel


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Catalog Number Overall Length (Inches) Weight/100 (lbs)
J7692 8 78
J7695 16-7/8 251
J7696 24-3/8 325

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