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Large Universal

Universal Clamp, Transmission (5H / 7H)


  • Can be installed on all electrical facilities, apparatus, tubes, and conductors   as well as various equipment (trucks, pulling equipment, etc.).
  • Installation on conductor, round bus bar and grounding ball stud of 30 mm.
  • Tested to 5H (HC-10041) and 7H (HC-10041-A).
  • Tested and certified only with MPS components.
  • Stress relief to reduce cable damage and serve as a shock damper if fault occurs, which protects cable strands.
  • Fitted to receive a 5/8-11 or 3/4-10 UNC threaded stud ferrule.
  • Lubrication chamber for upkeep of threads.
  • Double internal threads for fast installation and removal.
  • No exposed threads for minimal maintenance.

Materials: Aluminum 

Group 0 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number ASTM Grade Tested 15 Cycles Maximum Peak Last Cycle Peak Jumper Cable Min. Jumper Cable Max. Main Conductor Min (in) Main Conductor Max (in) For Ground Stud Jaw Opening (in) Weight Lbs
HC-10041 5H 55kA (IEC) 47kA (ASTM) 126kA 70kA #2 4/0 1/0 (.40) 1796 (1.60) 30mm 2 " 3.9
HC-10041A 7H 55kA (IEC) 68kA (ASTM) 183kA 101kA #2 350 MCM 1/0 (.40) 1796 (1.60) 30mm 2' 3.9

Notes: * HC-10041-A is threaded to receive 3/4 ferrules only. For "T‟ Handle screw add suffix "T‟ to catalog number

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