Single Phase

MacLean Power Systems Grounding Products are manufactured to the latest ASTM F855, CAN-ULC-61230 and IEC 61230 Standards. All products have been tested at independent laboratories to the above standards.

  • Grounding assemblies are provided with a certificate of registration that gives traceability for the end user.
  • Grounding assemblies have sealing tape and heat shrink over the ferrules and cable end to inhibit moisture penetration and extend the life of the assembly.
  • Ball Studs, Grounding Studs and ferrules are machined from 99.9% pure copper to give maximum strength and conductivity. Test reports are available upon request.
  • Maclean Power Systems products can be used for Temporary Grounding Applications in Generating Stations, in Transmission and Distribution sub stations, on Transmission and Distribution lines and also for underground applications.


Note our Grounding Assemblies Numbering System for catalog number assistance.

Please call our Customer Service Team at 855-MPS-SHIP for questions about this product.

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