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Ground / Bond

MPS offers a wide variety of Ground and Bond Clamps for your power and utility needs.


J1163/J1164: Used to attach ground wires at the nut end of bolts on transmission lines. Includes two (2) 1-1/2" long clamp sections and one (1) square nut. Material: Galvanized Steel.

J25932: Accommodates 5/8" diameter ground rods, Body is Galvanized Steel, Screw is Stainless Steel.

J7956: Used to bond the cable sheath to the messenger strand. The clamp body is made with an inside keeper riding on the end of the bolt. The 1/2" bolt can be removed to place the clamp over the messenger wire. Material: Steel/Galvanized.

J8225: Used to clamp ground wire to 5/8 and 3/4-inch rods. Material: Steel/Galvanized.

J8300/J8301: The assembly consists of two clamp sections and a 5/16" x 7/8" bronze hex washerhead bolt. One clamp section is tapped to allow installation with a single wrench. Material: Bronze with Tin Plating

J849X: Bronze Ground Rod Clamps, used with copper-bonded ground rods, provide a low resistance, secure copper-to-copper connection. These heavy-duty clamps develop a high-pressure contact between the rod and the grounding wire and can be easily disconnected when it is desired to measure resistance of the ground.

J771018: The grounding lug assembly consists of a 3/8" x 1-1/4" carriage bolt, complete with wire clamp, spring lockwasher and square nut.

J2727x: Galvanized steel bond clamps provide a sturdy and efficient provision to connect ground wire to threaded bolts. The clamps are designed to nest over the square nut of the bolt. The grounding connection is accomplished by inserting the ground wire between the nut and the bonding clamp and adding an additional nut to secure the clamp and ground connection. The clamps accommodate the most common range of ground wire diameters.

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J27276 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number Bolt Size (Inches) B C D Ground Wire Dia. Range Weight/100 (lbs)
J27276 5/8 0.520 0.187 1.00 0.162-0.312 10.4
J27277 3/4 0.600 0.187 1.00 0.162-0.312 15.1
J27278 7/8 0.730 0.187 1.50 0.162-0.312 21.2
J27279 1 0.840 0.187 1.68 0.162-0.437 27.2

BC-63 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number A B C J Cable Range Main Cable Range Tap Weight/100 (lbs)
BC-105 2 1/2 1 1/2 3 1/2 .50" -1.00" .16" -.46" 107

J8491 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number Rod Size Ground Wire Weight/100 (lbs)
J8492 5/8 8 - 1/0 AWG 18
J8493 3/4 8 - 1/0 AWG 26

J8225 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number Weight/100 (lbs)
J8225 55

J25932 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number Description Wire Range Weight/100 (lbs)
J25932 5/8" Galv. Malleable Ground Rod Clamp #10 - #2 16

J8300 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number Description Wire Range Weight/100 (lbs)
J8300 Semi-tin plated clamp with one bare bronze groove .162" - .398" 16
J8301 Tin plated clamp completely plated .162" - .398" 16

J1163 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number Mounting Bolts Ground Wire Dia. Range Weight/100 (lbs)
J1163 5/8 3/16 to 3/8 50
J1164 3/4 1/4 to 1/2 52


J771018 Dim Drawing Image

Catalog Number Weight/100 (lbs)
J771018 12.2

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